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Earn Money, Have Fun and Social Network for Internet Marketeers

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May 15th 2012, 19:00 London time, 14:00 EST

We give you 10 amazing easy ways to earn

that we've broken down into 3 main categories,
prizes, viral and direct referrals.


1 - Spot Payments

As you use Tabzi you'll notice random spot payments. It could be you've viewed a website, followed a member, clicked on a banner, whatever the action we'll put random payments in place for you to find.

2 - Lotto

Turn your credits into cash. The lotto pot is your opportunity to get a chance to win the lotto pot. The lotto pot is made up of credits and cash prizes. The prizes vary and will be displayed on the website in the lotto pot. To enter the draw all you need to do exchange your credits for tickets in the draw. One credit will buy you one ticket in the draw.

3 - Top surfer

Every day we'll pay a cash prize to the member that views the most websites on Tabzi, that's an average of 30 cash prizes every single month. While other companies offer cash prizes every now and again on a special offer, we're different, it's part of what we do!

4 - Top surfer draw

Get in the top twenty surfer league each day and we'll pick one of the top 20 and they'll win a cash prize!

5 - Top Referrer Prize

Every month we'll pay $100 to the member that has directly referred the most paying members for that month. All you need to do is refer as many people as you can and we'll make sure we offer and encourage them to upgrade their Tabzi account.


6 - Spillover Downline Bonus

Even if you don't directly refer anyone, you can still earn money from spillover. Spillover occurs whenever someone in your upline has referred more than 2 members. The extra members are placed in your downline and when they upgrade, you earn money!

7 - Viral Spillover Downline Bonus

Viral Spillover occurs whenever a spillover member is placed in your downline and they then refer paying members. You'll earn commission from these members who are placed in your downline. Not only were you given the original spillover, but now you're earning money for their hard work!

Direct Referrals

8 - Direct Referrer Bonus

Every single time you refer someone to Tabzi and that person upgrades their account, you will receive a commission payment. In fact you'll receive a commission payment every month they stay upgraded!

9 - Downline Bonus

In addition to the referral bonuses, we'll also pay you a downline bonus. For every single upgraded member you refer in your downline we'll pay you a recurring monthly commission.

10 - Viral Downline Bonus

Not only are you being paid for all your hardwork referring members, you'll also get a downline bonus for all the members in your downline that your referrals refer!
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Online Casino

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